Work with us on the trial of a new capability that is set to change the way that customers go to market

Individuals who take part in the DataYogi user trial will be able to experience what it is like to build their own private data store of personal details, product & service holdings and plans for new purchases. Initially this data would only be shared with the DataYogi company to help build the service; it remains under the tight control of the individual, who can change or withdraw it at any time.

As the trial progresses and vendor organisations join in, the early triallists will be able to see who the vendors are and decide if they would like to share their data with them. They would know that the vendor organisations have contractual terms in place which ensure that the standards required of using personal information via DataYogi are respected and enforced. And, as ever, data can be amended or withdrawn at any point.

Ultimately, we hope to see DataYogi adopted by many of the organisations with which individuals need to and want to deal. Our influencer triallists will have been part of this from the very beginning and will be able to shape the priorities.

The way DataYogi would work for the triallists

Each triallist initially receives an invitation to set up their own account on the DataYogi web application or App. (iPhone and Android). This enables them to begin building their own data store but does not commit them to share it with any organisation other than DataYogi as service provider. They can enter personal information, decide on the ways in which they wish to be communicated and start building a record of their personal product and service portfolio.

In the sign-up process the triallist receives the offer of entering into an information-sharing agreement (Goes to the DataYogi SISA) with DataYogi. This is the same process through which existing customers of future vendor organisations will go when these vendors offer DataYogi to customers and prospects. New vendors will not be able to offer data sharing agreements to any DataYogi user with whom they do not have an existing relationship, unless that person has registered a very clearly relevant purchase intention.

As new vendors join the trial, and then the live service, all existing DataYogi users will be able to see which organisations are accessible via the application and opt in to sharing their data if they wish. They can also start adding relevant purchase intentions for the products and services that they want to buy and for which the DataYogi vendors may be appropriate suppliers. No data is shared with any party without active steps being taken by the trialist to make that happen.

The ideal people we are looking for are:

  • Innovators and early adopters of new ways of thinking about the way markets operate.
  • Believers in the importance of individuals being in control of their own data.
  • People who support the need for positive disruption in established business practices.
  • People who are either formally or informally recognised for their opinions and views on business ethics or practices.

Assurances and safeguards for our triallists

  • You can withdraw from the trial at any time and all the data you have provided will be permanently deleted from DataYogi records.
  • You can see, amend and withdraw any data shared with any DataYogi vendor with a clear audit record to show that you have done so.
  • There is no financial cost to you at all and even if the DataYogi service becomes chargeable in the future our triallists will retain free access.
  • We believe completely in data portability and will happily provide your data to any alternative, future service that you choose.
  • We expect, and will facilitate, that our trial to be closely monitored by various consumer protection/empowerment specialists, privacy experts and regulators at our invitation.