Work with us on the trial of a new capability that is set to change the way that customers go to market

Organisations that take part in the Partner Trial will be able to invite some or all of their existing customers to become part of the User Trial by registering for their own DataYogi account. They will also be able to use the DataYogi credentials to encourage potential customers to be more confident about sharing their data and requirement.

The way DataYogi would work for the partner

The partner would need to link their own CRM system to DataYogi via API’s. This enables the customer-controlled data to be received and used. Once this is done and tested the partner can invite customers and prospects to use their personal DataYogi account to update, change or remove the data that they have shared. This is done by offering them an information-sharing agreement (Goes to the Example SISA).

The partner is then free to encourage their customers to share other information about themselves. Initially this will information about their buying intentions and requirements with respect to the partner’s own products/services.

In the future, the partner will also be able to ask customers to share information on their other product/service holdings. This would probably be in return for the organisation sharing data on the business they do, and would like to do, with the customer.

This will all offer the partner:

  • An early-mover advantage in a clear societal and regulatory move to giving customers more control over their identity and personal data.
  • An opportunity to deliver an improved experience to current and prospective customers by making data-sharing easy and safe.
  • An innovative reason to talk to customers and prospects about a real value-add, without explicitly selling them anything.

The way DataYogi would work for the partners’ customers

Customers would be invited by the partner to set up their account by sending a web link with an explanation of what’s in it for them and what they need to do. They click the link and are guided through the process of setting up their DataYogi account. They will then see an invitation from your organisation to agree to a digital data-sharing agreement. Once they accept this agreement their updated information is passed to your CRM system.

During the trial customers will access DataYogi via a mobile-friendly web interface. This will be migrated to a web app in the future. As DataYogi adoption increases, partners’ customers are in complete control of the organisations with whom they create relationships. They can even opt to share different data with different organisations.

This would offer partners’ customers:

  • An interesting and engaging way to control their relationship with you. Be an early part of the future!
  • Reduced hassle and time involved in sharing and changing their personal data with trusted suppliers as more organisations join DataYogi.
  • Absolute and irrefutable evidence of what data they are prepared to share and when/if they decide to withdraw their consent for its use.

The type of partner organisation we are looking to work with on this trial

The ideal partner organisation would:

  • Have 100s to 10,000s of customers or be able to create a pilot group of this size from a larger customer and prospect base.
  • Be selling products or services that are likely to result in an ongoing service/support relationship with customers or in repeat purchases in the future.
  • Already have a CRM system in place, especially if this is SalesForce™, where substantial integration exists with DataYogi.
  • Have a commitment and enthusiasm for the concept and value of customer-controlled data sharing.