So, why the name DataYogi?

Being a MyData Operator
May 5, 2020

Quite simple really, the name popped into my head during a particularly good hot yoga class with an expert instructor (or Yogi…). A Yogi is an expert practitioner of yoga, and as I was looking to build a proposition for people who were, or wanted to be, expert in sourcing, managing and using their data then DataYogi was born.

Breaking that down a bit further, that can mean:

  • I can learn from an expert (in this case a system/ set of tools embedded with a lot of experience from a wide array of practitioners)
  • That expert is on my side, and is there to teach me, and help me (they are my agent)
  • Over time I can also become an expert, and in turn share my learning with others

We’ll un-pack that further over the next few posts.

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