Building the data trust of your prospects and customers

DataYogi is a personal data management service for individuals and a customer experience tool for the organisations with which they currently interact, or may consider interacting with, in the future.

It enables prospects and customers of each organisation to store securely and manage key data about themselves. They can also share information on the things they already have and the things they are considering purchasing.

The users control which organisations can access some or all their data, product and service holdings and purchase intentions. This gives them the confidence to share deeper information and to keep it up to date because it is so easy for them to do so. All information is shared under the terms of an information-sharing agreement.

Organisations can use DataYogi to manage the data-relationships that they have with their existing customers in a way that satisfies the requirements of the world’s strictest data regulation, including European GDPR.

They can also use DataYogi as a way of making new prospects more confident about sharing their data. It can also deliver additional interest from potential buyers who are looking for data-responsible providers.

The service can be used as a standalone capability to complement existing customer portals, CRM systems and communication management services. Alternatively, it can be fully integrated into existing CRM systems so that it becomes an invisible, underlying capability to sales and marketing people while still delivering benefits to customers and prospects.

In whatever way it is used, DataYogi delivers:

  • A clear demonstration to customers and prospects the organisation’s commitment to responsible customer data management.
  • A new marketing channel to existing customers and even to new prospects.
  • An engaging interface for customers to your consent management service to reduce complete ‘unsubscribes’.
  • Explicit compliance with data regulation as part of customer acquisition and retention rather than as a separate task

Want to join the Partner trial?

DataYogi is a brand-new service. We are currently looking for a very small number of organisations to take part in a Partner Trial.