Unlocking the power of your data

DataYogi is a personal data management service. It gives you control of your data and the power to do much more with it.

You can store and manage as much, or as little personal information as you wish, along with all the information that you need in everyday life: Insurance Policy details; Product Model Codes and Serial Numbers; Membership details and expiry dates.

If you wish to you can share this information with service providers and other third-parties that you trust. You control what they see and how they can use the information. You can withdraw their access at any time. You can even choose to share your intentions to buy new products and services with them and invite them to tell you when they have what you are looking for.

Once you have registered with DataYogi you control the service from the browser on your computer or your phone. You can enter and maintain your information and see the organisations with which you have shared it.

You can invite additional organisations into a data relationship, and they can invite you, but the relationship only starts when you have both signed the digital information-sharing agreement (Goes to the Example SISA). From this point onwards you have access to a log of every change you make to your data and every permission you grant or withdraw to use it.

Then, it’s up to you how you use DataYogi. You can just use it to manage your data permissions, or you can use it much more actively in your life and how you acquire new or replacement products and services.

It doesn’t matter how you use DataYogi, it will always deliver you:

  • A secure, single store of all of the important data you need for everyday life.
  • Complete control of which parts of your data is shared with whom.
  • One interface for managing your data relationships with multiple third parties.
  • An on-line channel to invite relevant suppliers to tell you about their products and services.

Want to join the trial?

DataYogi is a brand-new service. We are currently looking for a limited number of individuals to take part in its last stage trials.