Being a MyData Operator

So, why the name DataYogi?
December 27, 2020

On 29th May 2020, an important step was taken in the movement towards empowering people with their personal data. A white paper entitled ‘Understanding MyData Operators‘ was published by the MyData Global organisation.

At some 40 pages long, with a fair amount of technical detail, having mass readership of that might not be too likely. The key point to take from it is that some 48 organisations in the personal data space (including DataYogi) have agreed to embark on a path to inter-operability. That’s a fancy way to say ‘you’ll be able to move your data easily between one service and another should you wish to’, and ‘it will be easier to separate your data from the apps you use to get stuff done’.

We believe that is a good thing. People should be able to build up and use their data assets over time just by doing the things they need to do anyway. And that over time the silo by silo approach will begin to reduce, with more services asking to access your data rather than create another silo that they manage.

Let’s get started, if you want to join our beta service then fill in the contact form; we’ll be in touch.

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