DataYogi is here to help you build up your own data assets for your own purposes. It’s a bit like an electronic filing cabinet. It helps you keep track of the information about your various products and services; where and when you got them, when the warranty expires and anything else about them you want to keep track of.

But over time it gets smarter than that; it could:

  • Pull in transaction data from your banks and credit cards and link that to your products, services and suppliers to build out your own financial records outside of bank limitations
  • Allow your suppliers to connect to your records of the products and services you get from them in order to co-manage those records
  • Share relevant parts of your inventory of products and services with other parties that can add value or use in helpful processes
  • Use your existing inventory and service history to help inform and shape what you are in the market for, and get you relevant information and offers
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