DataYogi is a personal data management service

DataYogi provides you with secure storage and control of your personal data. It also allows you to bring together all your important information on the products and services you currently use or own, and those that you may wish to acquire now or in the future.

DataYogi users can then share some, or all of your data with trusted organisations in complete confidence in how it will be used and when they would like it to stop being used. Those organisations can then use the deeper and more up-to-date data about their customers to deliver better buying and ownership experiences.

DataYogi is built upon a number of key principles which deliver benefits to both the individual users and the organisations that adopt it:

  • All data within a DataYogi account is owned and controlled by the individual who signed up for the account. Organisations can top up this with data that they already manage for people, e.g. on their products and services.
  • Individuals therefore become the point of integration for data about themselves and their products and services. They have the aggregate data-set across all of their connected relationships, and can share specific parts of that with others should they wish to.
  • Users’ sharing of their data with organisations is always done within the context of an easily-understood information-sharing agreement that both parties have digitally signed prior to any exchange of data.
  • Each data transaction managed through the DataYogi service is recorded in an accessible and undisputable history of changes to the data, and how it was, and is, to be used.